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D E N H O L M  V I L L A G E

Denholm is one of those exciting finds one occasionally comes across when travelling. Roughly equidistant between Hawick and Jedburgh it is as pretty a Border village as you'll find, beautifully pristine cottages and architecture preserved in time and now a conservation area.

The focal point of the village is undoubtedly the Green and it's here that the breath is taken away for the first time and the driver implored by their passengers to stop to explore at closer quarters. Leydon's Monument watches over the Green which still hosts the occasional fair or festival for locals and visitors.

A quiet place Denholm boasts two pubs, a cafe/bar, an Antique and Interiors shop, a butcher, a general store/Post Office,  a hairdresser and a garage. It may not then be the Border's busiest village but there won't be many that compare for sheer, natural beauty and warmth. 

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